Airbrush Tan


Ready for your Faux Glow?

To prepare for your tan you should:

  • shower
  • shave
  • exfoliate
  • NO moisturizer
  • NO makeup

Extending the life of your Tan

You can take home one of our AMAZING Airbush tan after care products.

Beach, Please! tan extender, a Heather Gordon Spa Exclusive!Glow, a blended a oil with essential oils

In addition to keeping your tan fresh with our aftercare products you should also avoid. The things listed below

  •  do not use moisturizers that contain alcohol
  •  minimize or avoid exfoliation
  • do not use dove soap
  • do not spray perfume or cologne directly onto your skin (contains alcohol)


Travel to your event can be arranged. We have a separate event price list for travel tans. Hotel travel charge starts at $30

We use an all natural organic spray tan solution to create the perfect faux flawlesssun-kissed glow. Hollywood starlets best kept secret! This tanning solution is fast becoming a well-known favorite among the private celebrity crowd thanks to its ability to deliver a stunning tan without the telltale scent of self-tanner.